Sneaker Release or Limited Release

How to Cop a Sneaker Release or Limited Release

   Are you looking on how to Cop a Sneaker Release or Limited Release? Well then you came to the right place if you answered yes. Now let me make one thing clear, if you don’t have a bot your chances of copping a hyped release is going to be low. What i’m going to do is give you a info dump on what I do to raise my chances to get a release. With that said most of this is going to seem like common sense to a few. So some of this information depending on how long you’ve been in the game might be useless. I want to at least try and help out the newer generation with some pointers I picked up. I hope you all enjoy the read and I’ll post links of what I use.

Social Media is KING

     This is probably one of the most useful tools to get a hype release. If you don’t have a twitter or instagram, make that shit asap! Now do your research and find out which store is going to receive the sneaker you want. Example, Adidas so far has always released a list of retailers that sell the yeezy sneakers. Foot Locker and others like it have a release calendar on their sites. Now sneaker boutiques are a bit different, they will always post on their social media to inform their customer base about upcoming releases. So once you find out the date of a release get ready to do some work. Now depending on the hype around the release some stores will do raffles via in-store or on social media so keep an eye out for that information. Last but not least; sneaker blogs! they are a good source of information since most of the bigger blogs will get insider news on upcoming releases. Some of them even get early release dates from employees leaking the release date on social media. So be sure to follow them as well since most post that will get them clicks(anything hype, usually) will be posted on social media.

     So we have gone over a few points. Let’s put it to use, in my example I going to use the Yeezy 350 boost since everyone should know about them. The first thing I do is get on my phone and check twitter and instagram for any news or leaks. If I don’t see anything then I go to the Adidas site and check if they updated the Yeezy product page with information regarding the release. I do this until said information is found, in this case it will be a release date and retailer list. Most blogs will pick this up pretty fast since Yeezy are highly sought after whether you like them or not. So I found the information what now? I personally like to check to see if any physical locations near me will have them. If you are lucky you will at least have one store near you if not you’re going to have to battle bots online. In my case, Portland only has two stores that receive them. I like to call them and find out how/when they will sell the 350 boost. For the most part it’s always been a raffle. So find out the date of the raffle, most places will do it for two days a week before the release. After I signed up for the in-store raffle I check twitter and instagram to see if any shops are doing online raffles. These can been really annoying so it’s your call on these. Thats pretty much it for raffles now we just sit and wait to get a phone call/dm to see if we won a chance to buy them. If that fails then we take the L and try to cop online(This is all based on chance/luck) For online it’s a bit harder. The information is easy to find, you can check sneaker blogs for early links and times that they will release. So get your twitter ready, I always pick out a few stores then I follow them on twitter and turn on tweet notifications. They will almost always tweet when they drop them on their online store. If you’re lucky and are able to checkout a pair without the site crashing con-grat-u-fucking-lations you are blessed._/\\_

Add-ons & Extensions

     Depending on what web browser you use you may or may not be able to do this. I use Chrome and Firefox and it’s been working out pretty good for me. Ok, what you need to do is open your web browser goto settings and click on add-ons or extensions. This should take you to a app store, like what you would see on a iphone or android. Now find a search bar and look for website monitor or website update scanner. I can’t stress this enough make sure you read the description, you’re looking for it to monitor web pages for updates. This will allow you to check when new inventory is added to a online store. This tool has helped me cop a few general releases that did not get tweeted. Now I like to set it up on a store’s new release section or the specific brand of the silhouette I want. Most stores are usually really good about adding stock on their online shop but once in awhile they will take couple of days to add so this great for that. Be mindful, this will give you a notification when anything is changed. Example, any typo that is fixed or if the site has a count down. So just be constantly checking to rule that out. I feel like I need to add this again, do not download anything that checks your computer for updates! Be sure it says what I mentioned earlier.


     If you want the quickest checkout for the sneaker you’re trying to cop, you need to set up your autofill in whatever web browser you use. I personally don’t like the normal autofill that comes with most web browsers. Don’t get me wrong, they work great, but they don’t always put the information in the right place or they will only fill your name. So to avoid all this I like to use a autofill add-on. I really only use this when i’m trying to buy something off of Supreme. Most online shops will let you create accounts with them that will store your information, but sadly, Supreme isn’t one of them.

Knowledge, no ledge?

     This is probably the most overlooked piece of advice I was given but it’s so useful. You need to know the ins & outs of online shops. What does that even mean? Every site is different, from their layout to their checkout process and even selecting a shoe size. So the more familiar you get with adding shoes to a cart the better. Do a few practice runs on multiple sites so you can get the hang of it. A couple of side notes, If a site lets you create an account do it. This will help you in the long run by shaving a few seconds off the checkout process. Once you created the account make sure you add your shipping and billing information. Not all sites allow you to do this, but if they let you add your credit card info i’d recommend adding it. Last thing I want to mention is sign up for newsletters, some shops will give you a heads up on a sale or even give you a % off coupon code.


Here is a list of links for the add-ons and web browsers I use. Enjoy!

Distill Web Monitor – Chrome,Firefox,Opera

Visual Ping Web Monitor – Chrome

Autofill – Chrome,Firefox