How To Remove or Prevent Creases and Protect your Soles


  • First you will need to stuff the creased area, this can be a number of things like the toe box, ankle, etc. Now  stuff the area with socks, newspaper, or any other substitute you can think of. Don’t over stuff the shoes so much that they bulge out in an unnatural shape. Next you will need to lace up your kicks to the very top loop (or near) and tie them tight to increase your success rate. Leaving it like this will de-crease your kicks over time in any material such as suede, nubuck, or leather.

Only do this with all leather shoes


  1. Stuff shoes with any of the item mentioned above. (socks work best)
  2. Get an iron. Be sure to set the heat to “Medium”.
  3. Find a clean rag and a cup of water. Wet the rag, be sure  to remove any excess water. Place the rag over the the creased area. Make sure the rag is flat and be sure of the area, because ironing over areas of non-leather may be harmful. Outline the leather area if needed with your finger or a pencil.
  4. Iron over the area lightly for a few minutes. When you’re done, leave the socks in for best results.